Links for promoting partnerships:

The Berkana Institute -
The Berkana Institute, led by Margaret Wheatley, “works in partnership with a rich diversity of people around the world who strengthen their communities by working with the wisdom and wealth already present in their people, traditions, and environment.”

Peerspirit -
“In PeerSpirit, we create interactive social containers where transformation occurs. What do you need to transform? How do you want to honor your life story? How can you be the leader of your own life?”

The Millionth Circle Initiative -
This group promotes the formation of dialogue circles, for the development of communities of affinity and support. They also link circles in the United States with circles in developing countries with an interest in promoting global understanding and peace.

The Wisdom Leadership Initiative -
The Wisdom Leadership Initiative works internationally to cultivate and celebrate the wise feminine.

Evolve -
Evolve offers a “global community center for Conscious Evolution” by offering workshops, networking, and related materials.

The Imaginal Institute –
“The Imaginal Institute is a conduit for imagining: celebrating and supporting the leap between ideas and action through dialogue, lifelong learning, and creative expression.”

Carmina McGee, R.D. –
Carmina offers skilled, holistic, and warm-hearted partnering for achieving and sustaining high-level wellness. As a Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, she “works from an integrative mind/body approach” in “helping you create your healthiest body and a rich sense of well-being.”