About The Field Guide

Creating Partnerships: A Field Guide for Collaboration picks up where the book Creating Partnerships left off: the "nuts and bolts" processes for making collaboration work.

As explained in the book Creating Partnerships, we must change the underlying operating system in the ways that we work together. It is crucial that we learn both an alternative model for organizing any group AND what it takes to actually lead, mentor, and work together in ways that include all voices and appreciate all members' gifts.

If you have been wondering "where do I start and what do I do?" - the Field Guide is for you.

Whether you are working in a business, an educational institution, a public or nonprofit agency, or a grass-roots community group, you can immediately apply the tools and techniques included in this Field Guide and get started making the changes needed to realize authentic collaboration (not just the token kind of so-called collaboration reflected in a sloppy use of the term).

The Table of Contents includes worksheets and conversation guides under these categories:

1. Clarifying what we mean by "collaboration"

2. Key conversations: starting points for consciously collaborative efforts

3. The "nuts and bolts" of making collaborative efforts work

4. Partnering leadership: sustaining collaborative efforts